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Get Protected With Secure Search

Enjoy safest web experience with DPS Websafe

Take control of your browsing with this next-generation and advanced Internet protection technology. DPS Websafe offers a powerful browser extension to ensure complete web protection while you are online.

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What all does DPS Websafe do for your Browser?

Familiarize yourself with the amazing features that provide you peak web protection

Safe Search

DPS Websafe provides you with the safest search results by analyzing the security level of a website. You're always protected when you know about the security standard applied on a website.

Built-in Ad-Blocker

DPS Websafe leaves no stone unturned in offering you an ad-free surfing experience. It blocks annoying ads, stops them from showing up anywhere, stops ad servers from tracking you, and loads web pages faster.

Offers Blocked Domains

DPS Websafe blocks domains that may be harmful, obscene, and prone to damage your PC and information residing on it. These can be unblocked by the user again from the Blocked Domains list.

Blacklists and Whitelists Domains

DPS Websafe gives you the choice and freedom to define what kind of content you wish to access. Blacklist those domains which you deem displeasing, while Whitelist the ones that you consider trustworthy for viewing.

Real-Time Protection

DPS Websafe prides itself on providing optimal protection against all sorts of phishing and pseudo webpages with its real-time web protection engine. It automatically detects and analyzes a web page for any anomalies.

Protects the Browser

With DPS Websafe, you can block all the malicious domains and websites to ensure safety and security over the internet. It immediately alerts you whenever you cross paths with any harmful URLs or websites.

Intuitive and Consistent User Interface

DPS Websafe provides you with a safer and faster web experience. The easy-to-use controls and least consumption of resources let you carry out your actions effectively and efficiently.

Don’t wait for the browser problems to grow, get DPS Websafe now.

What makes DPS Websafe the best?

DPS Websafe offers an array of features and functions that make it stand out against the crowd of regular ad-blockers.

  • Here's what DPS Websafe
    has that others don't:
  • Regular Ad Blocker
  • DPS Websafe
  • Ad blocking
  • Cosmetic page processing
  • Blocks Malicious Websites
  • Safe Search
  • Offers Blocked Domains
  • Protection from annoying ads
Available For All Major Web Browsers

Compatible with: Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Have Questions? Get the answers here

As our users, you definitely must have some queries regarding DPS Websafe and its functionality. These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their answers.

Q1. What is DPS Websafe ?

Online safety is among the topmost concerns of every user due to the rising cybercrimes. Everyone needs a robust shield that can protect them from all kinds of cyberattacks. DPS Websafe is a utility that provides you just that, i.e., all-round protection from every type of online threat ranging from unsafe search results to suspicious advertisements. It is a tool that you need to ensure privacy and keep hackers away.

There is a plethora of online security software available in the marketplace. But, most of these tools hog up the device’s space and are not effective enough to protect the PC from new and innovative hacking attempts. But, DPS Websafe is one such software that offers you complete protection without hogging up space on your computer. Unlike the other software, you only need to add it to your browser like an extension.

DPS Websafe offers users multiple benefits. Below are the prominent ones out of them.

  • It keeps you protected from unsecured websites.
  • Its in-built ad blocker keeps annoying and suspicious ads at a bay.
  • Blocks search results that may be harmful to your PC.
  • With this browser security add on, you have the freedom to decide which domains should be blacklisted and whitelisted.
  • Blocks malicious domains and protects you in real-time from unsafe websites.

Staying safe online is easy as pie with DPS Websafe. You only need to follow the below steps.

  • Visit the official DPS Websafe website or your browser’s store.
  • Add it to your browser in the same manner as other extensions are added.

The above steps are the only thing that you are required to implement for a safe, secure, and pleasing browsing experience.

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